Day 5 =exhausted

I don’t know where to start .? Yesterday after work I raced home and whizzed back out of the house to bring my daughter to her performance . It was fab but I was exhausted. Wrong week to start full time . We got home around ten and I went to bed exhausted. What threw me at the concert was they were selling wine . I hadn’t expected that . I was also dreading a meeting I had this morning and could have so easily dived into the wine x I didn’t I went home . …. today said meeting went ok and we are back at performance tonight . I have left my purse at home by accident so I wander if I’m being looked after somewhere ? So I left home grumpy with hubby and feel completed exhausted and grumpy and emotional . Had so many shall i shan’t I conversations in my head . It’s such hard work . Day 5 has been touch . I want to sit and cry and sleep . Is it normal

To be so exhausted? I have downloaded the app on my phone so it seems to be doing its own thing in paragraphs lol and I’m rushing but I really needed to just reach out . To say I’m here , I’m struggling and is this normal

. I want to tell myself to get a grip and pull myself together . I feel frustrated and annoyed with myself , but I can’t get over how exhausted I am . It reminds me of having a new born and so emotional . Anyway on to the performance . I wander if the wine witch is starting nattering as it’s Friday tomorrow and she is working her poison on me already . Trying to wear me down for the weekend . It’s been a long week you deserve a drink she says . I say me and my children deserve a rested and hangover free weekend . My hubby came home with a case of beer as his weekend starts here . Ok I’m

Sorry I’ve rambled but need to dash . Sending love you all xxx the sober queen xxx

3 thoughts on “Day 5 =exhausted

  1. The exhaustion is normal – believe me, I know, because I have tried this so many damn times. I’m just finishing (yet another) day 1 and I can’t wait for the bone crushing fatigue that comes with days 3 onwards (that said, I’ll probably drink tomorrow – unless I try something different this time).

    I have no tips ref the weekend approaching, as weekends have kind of lost their structure for me as I drink most days – so “Friday or Saturday night” hold no real “treat” factor for me anymore.

    Keep blogging 😃

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    1. Darling you are keeping trying which is the main thing but clearly what your doing isn’t working . Don’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result . What can you do different ? You need more support . ? Read more ? What will help you get past day one . I believe you can do it we just need to figure out how xx

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