Day 6-fighting back

Woke up today feeling bit better . The complete and utter overwhelming exhaustion has eased . And it’s the weekend x yeh ….

how I managed not to drink last night is amazing . The wine witch was loud and persistent. But do you know what she eventually went away . It didn’t last for ever , even though it felt like it would .

So now I prepare for battle for the weekend . I am not planning the whole weekend . I just want to get through tonight first .

So I could buy a bottle of wine and the first glass would be bliss , then I would be in a battle in my head of trying to drink slowly . I would be thinking I wish it was time to put my daughter to bed . It would get to half eight and I would put her to bed . I would be feeling very grumpy by this point as I would want to drink quickly . Wine time . I would come back down and drink wine quickly and perhaps a couple of gins and pass out . Wake up feeling a bit hungover .

Alternative x bottle af wine chilling . We order a takeaway and choose a family movie . I make a fuss if youngest daughter and hubby and we chat and have fun and my youngest gets to stay up a bit . I wake up tomorrow fresh . It’s a no brainier isn’t it ???

So wine witch bring it in x let battle commence xxxx

The sober queen

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