Day 1 ….again

Well I have had pneumonia and just starting to recover . Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the uk and I had a lovely day with my gorgeous girls but my mum had brought me a bottle of wine to cheer me up because I have been so poorly. I do question why anybody would buy a person with pneumonia wine . ? Anyway I don’t know why but impulsively and in a detached from my feelings way I opened it and drank it .?what can I say ? So day one here I am again ….. the wine witch 1 – the sober queen 0 . 😐

2 thoughts on “Day 1 ….again

  1. People bringing wine as a gift are a tough one and a situation it’s good to prepare a script for. Belle ( would say something like, Oh thanks! That’s so sweet. I’m not drinking these days but that’s sweet of you to think of me. And then it’s good practice to quickly get rid of the object after gift-giver is no longer standing there. Pour it out, gift it to someone. (I’m a fan of pouring it out. It feels SO GOOD.) But yeah, who brings wine to a person with pneumonia. I hope you feel better soon!

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